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What is CAT6A network cable? How to make CAT6A network cable connector?

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What is CAT6A network cable? How to make CAT6A network cable connector?

June 8, 2022
Latest company case about What is CAT6A network cable? How to make CAT6A network cable connector?

      Want to know how to use CAT6A network cable? Four questions need to be mastered:

1. What is CAT6A network cable?

2. What is the difference between CAT6A network cable and CAT6 network cable?

3. What connector is used for CAT6A network cable? How to make a CAT6A network cable connector?

4. What are the application scenarios of CAT6A network cable?


With these four questions, let's take a look



                                                                        1. What is CAT6A network cable?

      We use the most CAT5E network cable in the project, and the unit wiring with high network requirements will use the CAT6 network cable.

However, there may not be much contact with the CAT6A network cable, which is mainly to adapt to the application and development of 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology. CAT6A network cable is divided into shielded and unshielded.


    This time, I will introduce the shielded CAT6A network cable that is widely used in the market.

CAT6A network cable is an 8-core shielded cable, which is different from ordinary shielded cables. In CAT6A cables, each pair of wires has a shielding layer, and the four pairs of wires together have a common large shielding layer.

      CAT6A system can provide 500MHZ comprehensive attenuation to crosstalk ratio overall bandwidth. Mainly suitable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet, the transmission rate is more than 2 times that of CAT6 and can reach 10Gbps.


      At present, the CAT6A network cable is not widely used, mainly because of the standard, the process is not uniform, the cost and price are also high, and the application scope is not wide.


                                                                                     2, The difference between CAT6A and CAT6

CAT6 network cable:

The maximum transmission frequency is 250MHz, which is twice that of CAT5E. It is mainly used in Gigabit (1000M) networks, and the outer skin is marked with "CAT6". In addition, the CAT6 network cable supports 1000M Ethernet for security monitoring or horizontal line-to-point network transmission in buildings.

CAT6A network cable:

The maximum transmission frequency is 500MHz, which is twice that of CAT6. It is mainly used for 10 Gigabit (10G) networks. The outer surface is marked with "CAT.6A". In addition, the CAT6A network cable supports 10G Ethernet and will have a similar logo of 10Gigabit on the appearance. It is used in 5G base station construction, network computer room and other occasions.

Each pair has a shielding layer (usually metal foil shielding), and then there is a shielding layer (usually metal braided wire mesh shielding Braided Shield) outside the 8 cores, and the interface is the same as RJ-45. Total shielding + wire pair shielding (usually metal foil shielding), CAT6A S/FTP Cat.6A (HSYVP-6A) maximum transmission frequency 500MHz, CAT6A fully supports 10 Gigabit.


The core of the CAT6A line uses high-quality oxygen-free copper with a diameter of nearly 0.58mm as the transmission conductor, which is slightly thicker than the CAT6 line. The physical foam insulation is used, which greatly improves the transmission capacity of a single conductor.


From the perspective of the core of the network cable, the diameter of the core of CAT5E, CAT6, and CAT6A has increased. The higher the quality of copper used, the faster and more stable the transmission rate.


To sum up, this is the picture below:

                                                      3.What network connector does the CAT6A cable use? How to make a connector?


CAT6A network cable connector:

It can be seen that the CAT6A network cable connector has a metal shielded shell. Because the CAT6A cable uses a single-pair shielding structure, and then the overall shielding structure, the CAT6A network connector is shielded, which can more effectively eliminate the crosstalk between the pairs.​

CAT6A network cable connector production:


Tools needed: CAT6A network connector, wire stripper, scissors, CAT6A network pliers, wire measuring instrument

                                                              4.Application scenarios of CAT6A network cable

CAT6A network cable is generally used in scenarios with high-speed transmission and high bandwidth requirements, such as video conferencing, streaming media broadcasting, network-based voice telephony, grid computing and storage networks; -TX Ethernet data transmission, so it is also widely used in indoor high-demand horizontal wiring; due to the super shielding function of CAT6A network cable, it is very suitable for strong interference scenarios such as shielding computer rooms, power rooms, and information security and confidentiality networks. .


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